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Success in genetic genealogy! Link from Sendenhorst to Pochahontas, Arkansans back ro Melle, Riemsloh, Bennien - Frank Hoelscher, 1st American

My Hölscher ancestors have settled in Sendenhorst, Westphalia, since 1590 up today, 2010. 1750 is the first scher result from Riemsloh, Bennien. Through a genetic test, I find out that these two Hölscher lines are direct related with each other. I had found a “cousin” Noah in a worldwide genetic database.www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers/default.aspx
Up to my research, Noah's most distant ancestor was Franz (Frank) Hoelscher from Altenmelle & Riemsloh, Westfalia, born April 16, 1839. Franz’s (Frank) ancestors came from Bennien, a farming community close to Riemsloh, little town close to Melle. There are still Hölschers living there! Thanks to Mr. Stegemann from Osnabrück: He has recorded the churchbook entries from Riemsloh.Franz’s most distant ancestor is now Friedrich Wilhelm Johann Hölscher, born 1750. He built up the new school there and was 33 years director at this school.

Unfortunatetely, the chruchbooks earlier 1750 had been destroyed. I haven’t found a link between Melle and Sendenhorst yet. My first Hölscher is Bernhard, born 1590 in Sendenhorst. In Sendenhorst, there was an Henrich Holscher in 1495. I don’t know, if he was one of mine. From 1590 to 1750, no Hölscher settled from Sendenhorst to Riemsloh or Melle (highly probable, based on resaerch of my grandfather Anton Hölscher, died 1995).

I guess, that a Hölscher moved from Sendenhorst after setup of surnames (app . 1400) to Riemsloh BEF 1750. The task now, is to find out this missing link. It is also possible, that a Hölscher moved from Bennien  to Sendenhorst, before 1590.

 About Frank Hoelscher:

FRANK HOELSCHER (HOLSCHER) HIS-TORY Frank H Hölscher was born on April 16,  1839. It is believed in Alten Melle, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). Germany (Prussia), to parents Fran: Heinrich and Maria Gertrude Tettinghoff Holscher. 
Hölscher Franz Heinrich,   geb. 15 Aug 1817, Riemsloh, Melle, Osnabrücker Land  ,   gest. 27 Nov 1875, Altenmelle, Niedersachsen    Mutter  Jettinghoff Maria Gertrud,   geb. 5 Okt 1815, Handarpe, Westerkappeln, Osnabrücker Land - in Semmelmann's Kotten  ,   gest. 30 Dez 1855, Altenmelle, Niedersachsen   ] 
After spending some and odd 20 years in Amsterdam, he sailed for America, arrived an June 20, 1886, and eventually settled in Imboden. Two of his brothers also came to Amenca • Dave -David* and Henry B With his brother, Dave and others, he helped built up a small Catholic church in Imboden in 1888. He also marrled Mary "Marian" Helenam Heitz there on April 9, 1888. Mary had been born an Juno 18 1868, In Toledo. Ohio, to parents Ludovician "Louis"and Helenam Sarah Kreutz Heitz. Frank and Mary's first child died at birth, but a second, Mary Elizaboth Schaechtel, was born in Imboden on August 13, 1890. (died 1986). Shortly afterwards, the family moved to Randolph County and eventually settled on a farm in Shiloh Township west of Pocahontas not tar from the Eleven Point River Five other children followed: a son who died at binh: Clara (Bauer, Mills) in 1895, died 1914, Agnes, in 1897 dies 1914, Joseph Henry in 1897 died 1989. Anna Mary (Sorg), in 1903, died 1998: Cathenne (nicknamed Kathie), in 1909, died 1953. Frank also applied for naturalization as a United Stetes citizen and was granted this on July 29. 1902. By this time, his last name was spelled Hoelscher which was the Americanized version of the original Hölscher name with the umlaut over "o" Frank passed away in 1929, and Mary in 1949, in Pochahontas. Many descendants et these early Hoelschers still live in that county.
Frank and Mary's son. Joseph, stayed an the original family farm on what is now Hoelscher Lane west of Pochahontas. . He married Martha Melissa McCoy, 1894-1977, in 1921, and had six children: Paul 1926-1935, James Edward Sr. born November 11, 1927: William, Robert, Leo and Christine.

James Edward served in the Marines in World War II and later in the Army Reserve and National Guard plus attended the University of Arkansas in Fayettevlle, obtaining a BS and MS in Agronomy. He married Madonna Elaine Thennes, born May 16, 1925, on September 6, 1952. in Pocahontas. They had five childeren: Linda Elaine, born November 16, 1954; James Edward Jr., born August 22. 1955; Joseph Matthew "Joey"; born December 26. 1956; Elizabeth Ann "Betty", born November 11. 1958; and Edward Michael, born May 21, 1960. After the Korean War and finishing college, James Sr. went to work for the County Extension Service in Northeast Arkansas and eventually with the USDA Soil Coonservation Service where he was ha was stationed in Walnut Rege in the early 1960s. moving into a new home at 804 SW 5thStreet His wife, Elaine, who had graduated from St. Vincents Infirmary and the University of Arkansas School ot Medical Services in Little Rock as a registered nurse, worked as a RN at the Lawrence County Memorial Hospital during this time. The family attenied the Iminaculate Heart of Mary Calholic Church in Walnut Ridge and the oldest childeren began public schools there. Soon tough, James Sr. was transfered to Nashville in the southwest corner of the state. Their childeren graduated for high school in Nashvile in Howard County and attended the University of Alabama n Fayetteville. Linda Elaine Sanders, school counselor, now live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with husband Jimmy, and son, Jason. premed student at Oklahoma University in Norman. Oklahoma, born March 1. 1978.



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